Crocodile Cruise

The saltwater crocodile inhabitants the waterways of Trinity Inlet and there is a chance to spot them basking on the muddy banks, particularly in the cooler months:

Crocodile Facts:

  • 22 living species in the world
  • 2 species in Australia
  • They have 66 teeth – can replace them if they fall out
  • There are approximately 20 crocodiles living in the inlet
  • They are all under 5 metres
  • In Australia, crocs have been hunted extensively for skins since 1945
  • They were protected in Queensland law since 1974

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Did you know that Cairns is home to the largest captive crocodile in the world ? “Cassius” lives at Marineland Melanesia which is located at Green Island just 45 minutes off the coast. Want to come and see Cassius ? Book here or click for more information

crocodile cruise